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Coffee Birthday Card

This is a quick work done as a submission for Starbucks birthday card competition. Winning design will be send to the partners working for the company on their birthday.

Audi TT - Finished

Another private commission. The customer has a very special connection to this car. Audi TT ( old shape ) drawing…  took about 25 hours over 2 weeks, working mainly evenings/nights I was free. Also see the work in progress pictures bellow if interested to see how this drawing came along.

Audi TT - Work in Progress ( shading&detail )

All the shading and details coming together - see the pictures bellow. You can follow the work step by step, the way it was build, bit by bit… from measuring and drawing the outlines to the actual rendering, shading and all the little details. You ll notice, I always work from top left… as I m “righty”, this is just to prevent the smudges apearing… I love clean finish to my works. Hope this might inspire you to get out there and get drawing :)

Cover for my next portfolio publication

Cover for my next portfolio publication